Ed’s Rant: Bike Tech – How Far is Too Far?

Ed’s Rant: With the British Cycling team unveiling their new Lotus/Hope steed for the Tokyo Olympic Games next year, Ed Hood has had a look at this piece of art and at some of the other ‘weird’ bikes of the past. Aerodynamic and functional, but also damn nice to look at, what else do you want? Ah yes, UCI approval.Too far?How far is too far?Ive always loved trick bicycles; back in the day when I raced, I loved the cool kit, I was one of the first in Scotland to have a low pro bike a Condor with 753 tubing; Modolo Kronos brakes which looked great but were pretty much ornamental; Huret Jubilee super-light rear mech; aero seat pillar; 16 spoke front wheel; flat spokes; alloy freewheel. . . I loved all of that.Alf Engers was the British TT hero of many… and his bikesBut not everyone loves bicycles, let alone trick ones which are super-light and/or aero. Avery Brundage the despotic American President of the International Olympic Committee for 20 years wasnt a fan; sport is about men, not machines, he used to say. And that leads us back to ‘how far is too far?’GB’s Ed Clancy has been testing the new Lotus/HopeThe new British Cycling Lotus/Hope collaboration has huge wow factor, taking the let the air flow smoothly around the wheel rather than the get the fork blades and seat stays as tight to the wheel as possible (and thereby creating turbulence) ideology to new extremes. It certainly…
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