5 Ways To Fit Cycling Into Your Life

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At Cyclechic Towers we know how hard it can be to find the time to do enjoyable things that make us healthier and more engaged with the world. Like cycling for example.


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We’ve made it our mission to get more people than ever up on two wheels in 2018, but we’re also aware that busy work schedules and hectic lifestyles make it more difficult than ever to develop new habits.


If you start out by setting the bar too high, or fail to set reasonable goals, sticking to your resolutions can become an impossible struggle. It’s the same with cycling as with anything else.


So why not make cycling an integral part of your life, rather than trying to fit your life around it. Instead of inventing artificial goals, use those things you have to do on a daily basis as opportunities to jump in the saddle and get pedalling.


With that thought in mind, here’s our own shortlist of 5 Ways To Fit Cycling Into Your Life.


1. Cycle To Work


If you travel in to work, you’ll have seen ticket prices going up, often in inverse proportion to the service you receive.


Late buses, cancelled trains, traffic jams, it’s enough to make you want to get on your bike!


Well, that’s exactly what many harassed urbanites are doing. They’re swapping the sweaty hell of the Tube, for the wind-in-your-hair delights of two wheeled commuting.


And don’t think their suburban sisters and brothers are missing out. Folding bikes are now a regular sight on some morning trains.


Don’t think you can afford to splash out on a shiny new steed? Think again.


Many businesses are signed up to the government’s Cycle To Work Scheme, taking the sting out of any initial investment. If that’s not an option, the larger cycling retail chains often have very competitive end of line sales where you can rack up some substantial savings.


And if you’re a parent, why not get in on the act too by doing the school run by bike. Bask in a satisfied glow as you cruise past the school gate gridlock, avoid the free parking space lottery, and arrive home or at work feeling fresh and ready for the day’s challenges.


But don’t feel you have to commit to cycling every day. Start small, maybe once a week, and soon you may find that you enjoy the days you cycle in a little more than the ones you don’t. Before you know it, you’ll have caught the bug, and the only thing you’ll wonder is why it took you so long to get started.

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2. Happy Shopper


After commuting, our next biggest time sink is probably shopping.


For most of us, the weekly shop is a tedious necessity. And unless you live in a large town or city, the chances are you’ll be taking the car out to some soulless supermarket or sprawling shopping centre at the edge of a grim industrial estate.


And how many of us automatically jump in the car when we’re just popping out for a loaf of bread and a carton of milk.


Want to save petrol, avoid the misery of having to find an elusive parking space, and get to know your local shopkeepers a little better, then why not take your bike. You may even find you’re journey’s a little quicker, and you’ll certainly feel fitter at the end of it.


Strap on a backpack, or slap on some panniers, and you’ll be amazed at how much you can carry back. And because cycling somehow makes you feel more footloose and fancy free you’ll find yourself travelling outside your shopping comfort zone. That’s the best way of finding the new deli’s and artisan bakeries, the wine shops with tasting nights, and the latest micro-breweries on your doorstep.


So, save the car for the weekend’s big shop, and during the week hop on your bike. You’re sure to end up spending less, reducing waste, and cutting down on your carbon footprint.

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3. Vive La Sportive!


Some people are satisfied with the many benefits a cycling lifestyle offers them. Others need a little more, a specific goal to focus on and work towards. That’s why large scale organised cycling events have become so popular.


But while it’s easy to sign up for a sportive or other cycling challenge in the heat of the moment, it’s just as easy to find excuses for dropping out when the going gets tough or the pressures of daily life get in the way.


That’s why we recommend putting your name down for a charity event. Apart from the warm feeling you’ll get from giving a little back to those who need it most, once you start getting sponsored by friends and family it’ll be more difficult to back out at the last moment.


And don’t feel that you need to commit to something designed to test your limits. There are lots of events aimed at people of all cycling abilities, where the focus is on fun and two-wheeled camaraderie.


Want some ideas, check out our earlier , Six of the best bike events.

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4. Share The Love


Now you’ve developed a passion for pedalling, don’t keep it to yourself, tell a friend. Even better, arrange to meet up with that friend for a bike ride. Maybe you can cycle across the park to that cafe you’ve been dying to try, or perhaps you’re up for trip out into the countryside.


Whether you decide on a tootle or a trek, it’s always nice to have someone you like by your side. And if you’re still finding your cycling legs, having a companion come along can give your confidence a real boost.


Been spending too many nights in with your partner soaking up box sets on the sofa? Studies suggest cycling may have a positive affect on your love life, so you never know where an afternoon in the saddle may lead to.


And if you’ve got children, but are too nervous to send them out on their bikes on their own, why not tag along with them. Apart from enjoying some time out with your family, you can also show them the rules of the road and help them to become safer, more confident cyclists. More importantly, you can use them as an excuse for buying cake when you make the obligatory cafe stop.

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5. Choose A Coach Not A Pumpkin


Have you ever found yourself on a packed, rowdy night bus, or in the back of an overpriced cab, and wished there was some other way to get home after an evening out.


Well, there is, and all you’ll need apart from your bike is a sturdy lock (or two), a good set of lights, and your cycling helmet, all of which you can fit in a stylish, mid-size backpack.


If you’re cycling you can still indulge, but you’ll stop short before a few cheeky drinks descends into traditional midweek mayhem. That way, come the morning, you’ll feel fresh and rested, while your non-cycling friends nurse their hangovers.


Having something to eat? Very sensible, and if you cycle, you won’t feel quite so reluctant to order dessert.


And when last orders is called, you can jump on your waiting steed and be half the way home, while your pals are still waiting for their Uber.


Meeting friends in a fancy restaurant, or planning a big night out? Then leave the bike at home. But for casual nights out, try arriving on two wheels and see how much more you enjoy it.

Oregon Bicycle Racing Association votes to retain controversial board member


So you see, there are plenty of fun ways to fit cycling into your life. Once you give them a try, you’ll soon wonder how you ever managed without the bike.

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