Sprinting, FTP Increase, Leadville Equipment and More – Ask a Cycling Coach 210

by Bicycle NewsJuly 3, 20190 comments

Clif Bar Racing’s Pete Morris will join us for a deep dive into the mechanics of a sprint, , , how to regain motivation and more!

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Topics covered in this episode

  • Carson City Off-Road race analysis
  • Congrats to the Stans-Pivot Pro Team and Clif Bar Racing’s Nick Gibb!
  • Course recon tips
  • Triathlon relay tips
  • Low hanging “aero” fruit
  • How to train for a specific course
  • How to know your limits without power
  • What most people misunderstand about fueling rides
  • How to train for races that start hard
  • A deep dive on the mechanics of a sprint
  • Leadville equipment tips
  • How much FTP increase is normal in a year?
  • How to regain motivation

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