The Origins of TDA Global Cycling

18. What does that number signify?

At the age of 18 a person comes of age in most parts of the world. They can vote, sign up for the army and, here in most of Canada, legally buy alcohol and cigarettes. There are 18 chapters in the Bhagavad Gita, which is contained in the Mahabharata, which has 18 books. In my own tradition, the Hebrew word for alive or live is חי (chai), which has a numerical value of 18. In fact, my Hebrew name is Chayim which literally means life. 18 years is a good chunk of one’s life.

On January 16th, the 18th running of the Tour d’Afrique starts in Cairo. To put it simply, 18 is a good number to reflect on the beginning of this adventure. But, truth be told, this film was not my idea. Last year we hired a young, talented videographer, Laundon Peacock to film the 2019 Tour d’Afrique. After the tour was over, he suggested that it was time for TDA to create an Origin story video and pitched himself as the creator. Shanny and others here in the office thought it was a good idea and thus, we present to you, The Origin Story.

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Parts 5 & 6 of our 8-Part Video Series – ‘Cycling Cairo to Cape Town’


“The stages were shorter in Ethiopia and Kenya but the climbing is brutal. Zambia the kilometers went up but the overall effort pretty much stayed the same… which is… really tough!”

With the rough dirt roads of Tanzania behind them, the riders transition to relatively smooth and paved roadways. But challenges remain…

Part 5 – Mbeya, Tanzania to Lilongwe, Malawi

From Mbeya the riders have a dramatic descent through verdant avocado, banana, and tea plantations as they enter Malawi. Now firmly on paved roads, the daily distances start to creep upwards. After leaving Lake Malawi they climb to the central plateau where they ride through many villages, camp on soccer fields at local schools and eventually reach Lilongwe.

Part 6 – Lilongwe, Malawi to Victoria Falls, Zambia

From there it is into Zambia, spinning along the Great East Road, the route lined with tall elephant grass. The riders get a well earned 3 day break and a chance to enjoy other activities off the bike at the legendary Victoria Falls.

The conclusion of our series – parts 7 & 8 – will be released in our December newsletter. You can read our summary of parts 3 & 4 here. Make sure you sign up! Simply enter your email address here or subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Hats off to filmmaker Laundon Peacock for putting this series together. Through broken lenses, illness, limited internet/electricity, and bad weather he was able to produce something that we feel gives everyone a great insight into what it’s like to cycle the Tour d’Afrique.


Tour d’Afrique

Our original trans-continental journey and flagship expedition crossing Africa from north to south, covering almost 12,000 km in four months. A test…

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