Tern Launched BYB: Smallest Folding Bike

Earlier today, Tern launched the BYB. That’s their latest folding bike. BYB is an acronym for Bring Your Bike and it’s the smallest Tern to date. The ultra compact design is 30% smaller than a typical 20″ folding bikes, giving it a small folded footprint. It’d fit inside the GSD, another acronym-labeled bike from Tern.

The BYB is an urban bike meant to go everywhere with you and even tossed into an overhead of a plane.

Tern Launched BYB Pricing

The new BYB lineup includes two models: BYB P8 starting at $1,295, and BYB S11 is available at $2,495 respectively.

TN BYB S11 G1 v fold top mattesilver - Tern Launched BYB: Smallest Folding Bike

TN BYB P8 G1 unfold M0 silverblue - Tern Launched BYB: Smallest Folding Bike

TN BYB lifestyle 15 - Tern Launched BYB: Smallest Folding Bike

Besides the tiny fold, what Tern admirers will notice is how the front wheel is now secured with an anchor bolt, instead of their magnet.

That’s a welcome change.

The BYB incorporates ten separate Tern patented technologies, with highlights listed below.

BYB Features

  • TriFold Technology—BYB uses a patented new method of folding a bicycle—with two hinges in the frame and one in the handlepost. The positioning of the two hinges is incredibly
    complex—so complex that the patent includes a mathematical formula that describes the hinge positions, as well as alternative positions.
  • DoubleDeck Frame— The BYB inherits the DoubleDeck frame design and the burly trapezoidal tubing from the GSD for a stronger, lighter frame.
  • TFL Joint—Each hinge is also loaded with patented new technology and represents the state of the art in folding bicycle technology. The hinge rotates around stainless steel pivots sitting inside smooth Igus bearings. Levers lock shut automatically with strong aluminum pins. The TFL Joint is a complex 3D shape with internal interfaces with the frame tubes for a strong, durable connection.
  • Anchor Bolt—The folded bike is locked together with a strong and patented Anchor Bolt mechanism, so the bike always stays securely locked no matter how you lift or carry the bike.
  • Physis RF—Most folding bikes feature overly flexy handleposts which result in a ride best described as “riding a wet noodle”. The 3D-forged Physis handlepost is known for its stiffness and strength. This new RF version pairs with the stiff frame to form the foundation of the BYB’s excellent riding characteristics.
  • Metro Transit Rack—The Metro Transit Rack was designed to let the BYB stand vertically when folded, and features spinner wheels that make maneuvering the BYB in crowded spaces a breeze. It pulls double duty by also working with small and mid-size panniers, like the Ortlieb Sport Roller.

Along with that impressive feature list, there’s a full line of accessories you can learn more about from Tern.

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