Aero Deep Dive in The Specialized Win Tunnel – Ask a Cycling a Coach 188

by Bicycle NewsDecember 4, 20180 comments

Gain 50 watts in a single day!? We went to the Win Tunnel to find out how to get faster. Episode 188 of the Ask a Cycling Coach is live!

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Topics covered in this episode

  • What’s so special about the Specialized Win-Tunnel?
  • Are aerodynamics important?
  • Pros vs Joes with equipment and performance
  •  How does going into the effect aerodynamics?
  •  Does matter?
  •  How to shift your head to gain watts
  •  Why do some riders create a better drafts than others?
  •  Does sitting up with a tail wind help?
  •  Does optimizing aerodynamics make a difference on the draft?
  •  When do you not want to wear an aero road helmet?
  •  How to choose a bike based on your strengths
  •  Glasses and Beards – do they cause more drag?
  •  Head position on a road bike
  •  Does lateral movement decrease aerodynamics?
  •  Why are shaved legs faster?
  •  Why is the beginning to crack down on sock length?
  •   vs. skin tight race kit
  •  The evolution of wheel
  •  Why aren’t mountain bikes aero?
  •  Does Nate’s “Franken Bike” make sense for gravel racing?
  •  Do downhill and enduro athletes benefit from aerodynamics?
  •  What effects do number plates have on aerodynamics?
  •  Aero bars vs.
  •  Are beneficial?
  •  Does Jonathan actually have a world class CdA?
  •  Do the UCI rules cause frustration for product engineers?

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