PEZ ‘Enjoys’ Garda Bike Hotel

by Bicycle NewsJanuary 25, 20190 comments
Most PEZ Readers know a bit about the ‘bike hotel’ concept, and many of you have enjoyed the benefits of staying in one location, and hospitality by gracious hosts who know the best local rides, food – and wine, all in a cycling dreamland like Italy.The was one of the first to cater to road cyclists, and , it’s no wonder they’ve become THE place to stay at Lake Garda.I’ve now stayed with Nicola & Alberto more times than I can remember, but one of my favorites was part of our PEZ 10th Anniversary celebration when the PEZ-Crew & I spent a week riding our bikes in Italy and a few unforgettable days on Lago di Garda at the . Its a bike hotel in the very best ways, and one you should know if youre planning to visit the area. By now youve read mention of, and hopefully seen the stories Ive posted about Italian here on PEZ. As hotels designed for and dedicated to cyclists, theyre a far cry from what were used to in North America, but like heaven on earth when it comes to delivering what discerning cyclists need for a riding holiday in Italy.Heres the largest recorded sighting of PEZ-Crew gathering in one place heading out for a ride from the Enjoy Garda Hotel.I introduced PEZ-Fans to the Garda here a couple months back, and since then Ive been lucky enough to visit…
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