Fjords, ferries and forks: cycling the Haute Route Norway

by Bicycle NewsSeptember 13, 20180 comments

, , Peter Kimpton battles the elements to discover a stunning landscape that involves as much water as land

Garlanded with wispy clouds, , reflected to sky with such perfection you are almost dizzy with how upside down it all appears. Or is that a mirage – from exhaustion? From the moment 250 cyclists clattered nervously, , , , more an undulating series of roads and bridges linking breathtaking fjords; a constant movement between mountain, sea and lake.

Haute Routes sportives are always challenging, designed to replicate professional-level riding, , this inaugural event is three days long, pleasingly located in one place, the harbour city of Stavanger on Norway’s west coast. One hotel, , and three days of circular routes. So the logistics were easy, , and the post-ride food and massages were excellent.

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