OPEN launches the WI.DE an Ever More Capable Bike

I’m on the road traveling to a media event while OPEN launches the WI.DE, so sharing the PR directly. What you need to know, besides Gerard made another amazing bike, is this one has FENDERS!

OPEN launches the WI.DE
OPEN launches the WI.DE


We’ll have more analysis and a demo ride soon. As our readers know, we’re big fans of OPEN and what they bring to market.

Here’s the press release and the link for more info with pricing and geometry.

Press Release

When OPEN launched the U.P. (Unbeaten Path) model in 2015, it created a new category of performance gravel bikes. Equally at home on-road and off, with 28mm or 2.1” tires, the U.P. allowed people to ride anywhere and get there fast.

This category has since exploded (and may we say, sometimes with bikes a little too “inspired” by the original U.P.). Meanwhile, the U.P., U.P.P.E.R. and New U.P. have gone from strength to strength, winning awards, rave reviews and even a mountain bike race with Geoff Kabush.

Today OPEN introduces the WI.DE. (Winding Detours), which will sit next to the U.P. family. While the U.P. focuses on the road-allroad-gravel spectrum, the WI.DE. covers allroad-gravel-extreme rides thanks to its expanded tire clearance. U.P. riders cover plenty of extreme terrain already but the WI.DE. extends the possibilities even further. OPEN co-founder Andy Kessler explains:

“The WI.DE. fits up to 2.4” mountain bike tires. That’s big even compared to some XC mountain bikes. At the same time, it still offers a performance road position for the rider and fits narrow road cranks, so riding efficiency remains high. This means it can conquer almost any terrain, without slowing you down on the easier roads and trails.”

The WI.DE. achieves this by taking the most-copied feature of the U.P. – its dropped chainstays – and doubling down on it. OPEN co-founder & WI.DE. designer Gerard Vroomen explains: “The WI.DE. drops both chainstays, creating a very efficient box structure for the monostay behind the BB. This increases BB stiffness, reduces weight and squeezes even more tire clearance out of the frame. In addition, the WI.DE. is optimized for 1x drivetrains only, which further helps tire clearance (the U.P. also offers 2x, although most riders build their U.P. with 1x).

OPEN launches the WI.DE Features

  • Updated geometry: With slightly taller headtubes, the WI.DE. gives you even more control on the trickiest terrain, including rutted singletrack, loose rocks and “extreme gravel”.
  • New size: Due to popular demand, we’ve added an XS size to our line-up. This is one of the smallest gravel frames you will find. Be sure to check stack/reach for a fair comparison with other frames, not toptube length, which can be misleading.
  • Nimble handling: We have a reputation to “live U.P. to” as the original U.P. offered great handing regardless of the tire size used. The WI.DE. steering geometry was tweaked to offer the same feel but over a different range of tire sizes (35mm to 2.4”).
  • Smartmount 160: The brake calipers are attached directly to the fork and frame without any adaptors. The mounts are positioned pre-set for 160mm discs for both front & rear (the only sensible choice for gravel bikes). Lighter, cleaner, stiffer and safer.
  • Toolbox mount: Under the bottom bracket, the new monostay offers a perfect location to attach a toolbox. Out of the way with a low center of gravity, this is the perfect spot for your tools. The mounts are offset to create extra clearance with the chainring.
  • De-Fender-Ready: The WI.DE. frame and fork are prepared for OPEN’s upcoming De-Fender mudguard system (Dec 2019).

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Tern Launched BYB: Smallest Folding Bike

Earlier today, Tern launched the BYB. That’s their latest folding bike. BYB is an acronym for Bring Your Bike and it’s the smallest Tern to date. The ultra compact design is 30% smaller than a typical 20″ folding bikes, giving it a small folded footprint. It’d fit inside the GSD, another acronym-labeled bike from Tern.

The BYB is an urban bike meant to go everywhere with you and even tossed into an overhead of a plane.

Tern Launched BYB Pricing

The new BYB lineup includes two models: BYB P8 starting at $1,295, and BYB S11 is available at $2,495 respectively.

Tern Launched BYB

Tern Launched BYB

Tern Launched BYB

Besides the tiny fold, what Tern admirers will notice is how the front wheel is now secured with an anchor bolt, instead of their magnet.

That’s a welcome change.

The BYB incorporates ten separate Tern patented technologies, with highlights listed below.

BYB Features

  • TriFold Technology—BYB uses a patented new method of folding a bicycle—with two hinges in the frame and one in the handlepost. The positioning of the two hinges is incredibly
    complex—so complex that the patent includes a mathematical formula that describes the hinge positions, as well as alternative positions.
  • DoubleDeck Frame— The BYB inherits the DoubleDeck frame design and the burly trapezoidal tubing from the GSD for a stronger, lighter frame.
  • TFL Joint—Each hinge is also loaded with patented new technology and represents the state of the art in folding bicycle technology. The hinge rotates around stainless steel pivots sitting inside smooth Igus bearings. Levers lock shut automatically with strong aluminum pins. The TFL Joint is a complex 3D shape with internal interfaces with the frame tubes for a strong, durable connection.
  • Anchor Bolt—The folded bike is locked together with a strong and patented Anchor Bolt mechanism, so the bike always stays securely locked no matter how you lift or carry the bike.
  • Physis RF—Most folding bikes feature overly flexy handleposts which result in a ride best described as “riding a wet noodle”. The 3D-forged Physis handlepost is known for its stiffness and strength. This new RF version pairs with the stiff frame to form the foundation of the BYB’s excellent riding characteristics.
  • Metro Transit Rack—The Metro Transit Rack was designed to let the BYB stand vertically when folded, and features spinner wheels that make maneuvering the BYB in crowded spaces a breeze. It pulls double duty by also working with small and mid-size panniers, like the Ortlieb Sport Roller.

Along with that impressive feature list, there’s a full line of accessories you can learn more about from Tern.

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Electric Mountain Bike Trips in Sierra Nevada

Reading these descriptions about Electric mountain bike trips. I don’t even care what the bike is: motor or not. Just that the tours looks like an incredible experience. Maybe they offer a range of motors, just a bit for fatigue or that your power all day? Regardless, there are currently two e-MTB tours available to North Americans (meaning, English speaking), with more coming soon.

What I expect couples would do during these tours is one of them rides the electric bike and the other pedal power only. They both have fun and the non-cyclist keeps up.

Electric Mountain Bike Trips
Electric Mountain Bike Trips

This is also a growing niche for touring. In Spain, “trekking” bikes are ridden from winery to winery with signage along the way and lanes or paths. If an operator take tourists up into the moments to enjoy more local food that’s even better.

Scale the Dolomites of Brenta

On this 7-day Italian getaway, riders will climb high into the Brenta Dolomites with the help of their e-MTB, opening up more trails with fresher legs. Speed along dirt roads, forest tracks, singletracks, and open trails through the nearly 25 mile-long mountain region, passing alpine lakes, exploring ancient orchards and vineyards, and taking in the spectacular mountain vistas, including one from famed Rifugio Peller in Adamello-Brenta National Park. Along the way, enjoy village feasts of stew and polenta and lakeside gelato treats while drinking in the crisp mountain air. Departs Aug. 17; priced from $2,160 per person.

Electric Mountain Bike Trips: Breeze through the Sensational Sierra Nevada

Explore remote paths through Spain’s Sierra Nevada mountains on this 7-day singletrack adventure on a route known as the mountain biker’s “Shangri-La.” Designed for experienced mountain bikers, this journey uses pedal assisted e-MTBs so travelers can do more, see more, and give more while climbing to the summit of Spain’s third highest peak. With miles of switchbacks and technical trails to explore, riders also explore olive and almond groves, sample the country’s tastiest Jamon in the village of Trevelez, and spend a celebratory night at the Refugio Poquiera after tackling a vertical climb of nearly 2,300 feet. Departs Sept. 29; priced from $1,755 per person.

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Osprey Launched Bike Lumbar Packs

While I’m busy with Sony in San Diego, Osprey launched bike lumbar packs. The Seral and Savu feature Osprey’s new bike-specific, angled hipbelt and compression straps for stability when riding.

One carries a lumbar reservoir, the other water bottles—it looks like it’ll appeal to a minimalist looking for something other than a traditional over-the-shoulder pack or an alternative to Camelbak.


Osprey Seral | Savu

Shared Features Include:

  • Bike-specific angled hipbeltAirmesh wrap hipbelt with zippered fabric pockets provide stability and breathability
  • ErgoPull waist strap closure system allows for proper, snug and stable fit
  • Airscape Lumbar Backpanel with extra thick ridged foam with center air channel for excellent ventilation and stability
  • Easily accessible zippered main compartment
  • Internal tool organization
  • Dual zippered hipbelt pockets
  • Front panel bungee for extra clothing

SERAL | Features Integrated Hydraulics 1.5L Reservoir | $85

  • Direct access zip path to reservoir compartment
  • Magnetic hipbelt bite valve attachment
  • Hydraulics 1.5L Lumbar Reservoir included
  • Volume: 7 Liters

SAVU | Features Water Bottle Carry | $55

  • Dual tuckaway water bottle sleeves
  • Volume: 4 Liters

Read more about the new packs on Osprey’s site. I should have a pack into demo soon.

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Tour Down Under Debuting Track Cycling

This year, the South Australian festival of cycling will include a night of track cycling featuring the world’s best. Tour Down Under debuting track cycling is great for the sport that could use a boost in good publicity.

Tour Down Under race director Mike Turtur has finally realized his dream to bring track racing into the race. The move is a first step towards expanding the Tour Down Under to include all cycling disciplines.

Well, probably not CX.

Turtur, a former Olympic track cyclist, said the new event would give fans the chance to experience track cycling.

The Advertiser Track Down Under will challenge athletes in their best disciplines.

Exciting Racing

Tour Down Under debuting track cycling will be held at the Adelaide SuperDrome on Friday evening (January 11). It will feature eliminations, heartstarters and scratch races as well as a 1000m Madison Time Trial. Champion sprinters Matthew Glaetzer and Stephanie Morton will headline.

World Sprint Champion Matthew Glaetzer and Commonwealth Games Champion Stephanie Morton going head to head with the best competitors from around Australia.

Italy’s Elia Viviani and Denmark’s Michael Mørkøv have also signed up to race. Deceuninck-Quickstep Teammate Mørkøv won silver at Beijing 2008, and is looking ahead to Tokyo 2020 with the return of his preferred Madison event.

“Elia and I are going to participate and we both very look forward to it,” Morkov said. “We are both good track riders, we brought our own track bikes here and we are very happy that we get the opportunity to race against the Australian guys.”

The UCI sanctioned Women’s Tour Down kicked off today, with Stage 1 of the men’s event scheduled to take place on Tuesday, January 15. Watch highlights on YouTube and find the race from you cable operator or streaming online. The debut of track cycling is on the 11th.

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