Come to Philly Bike Expo to See a New, Prototype VO Frameset

by Igor

Philly Bike Expo is a favorite show of ours. Great audience, seminars, friends, exhibitors, and food. It’s an all-around positive and family-friendly experience. The show is being held October 27th and 28th this year at the Philadelphia Convention Center, so make sure your calendar is free!

This year we’re trying something different. We just (seriously, within the past few days) got in samples of a new frameset we’ve been working on that we’re super excited about. We are holding details and photos until it is revealed at the show. So! If you want to be the first person to see this unreleased, new VO prototype, come to the show. It’s a weird one, I promise.

To get you into the mood, check out our previous show reports from 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, and 2013!

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