“Siri, set a reminder to listen to Bike Snob this morning at 10am. Also, how do you get red wine stains out of a bib short chamois?”


Consider this a Post-it note on your forehead reminding you that they haven’t canceled my radio show yet, and so I’ll be on the air again this morning at 10am*:

And yes, you can listen online

And also yes, you can call in and ask questions.

Also also, I just happened to notice someone just left the following comment on a post that’s like two years old:

Why yes I do!  A friend of mine has one of these:

You’re welcome!


Your’s truley,

Best wishes and so forth,

–Tan Tenovo

*That’s 10am my time, which is the time it is in New York City, USA.  I don’t know or care what time zone you live in, so you figure it out.  It’s not my problem and quite frankly I’m sick of all this hand-holding.

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