All Year Cycling Resolutions For Better Performance

Toolbox: Another year has started, but it is not too late make your resolutions for a better season. Here is a list of 10 resolutions to improve your cycling, not just for January, but for the whole year. Throughout the 2019 season, when things are going both good and bad, check back to this list to keep your training on track:Try something different – Sprint training1. Try new training methods Successful athletes are always investigating and experimenting with new methods of training. Slight changes in your program may stimulate physiological systems in different ways, which help improve your overall racing fitness. For example, we all know that anaerobic threshold training is a very important ingredient to cycling success. Depending on your body type (e.g. muscle fiber makeup), performing more threshold repetitions of shorter duration (e.g. 5 x 6) versus repetitions of longer duration (e.g. 2 x 15) may allow your body to respond better to this type of workout.2. Nutrition An important aspect of your training program that is often overlooked. Ask five different athletes who have five different diets and they will all say they have proper nutrition. A simple solution to see if your nutritional program is helping or hindering you would be to visit a qualified exercise nutritionist and have a diet analysis done. This would help show any improvements that may be needed in your daily diet. You need not be in the same geographical area, as it can be done over the internet in most…

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