Have You Checked Your Travel Insurance Actually Covers Cycling?

We asked a hundred cyclists and triathletes who were racing abroad at least once a year how confident they were that their travel insurance covered them. 27% were very confident, 22% were fairly confident, but 51% were unsure. 38% weren’t even sure their travel insurance was valid in the country they were riding in, let alone if it extended to racing.

Every travel insurer has different ways of classifying cycling. Many will list ‘cycling’ as an automatically covered sport, but once you dive into the details of the policy it is rarely so simple.

There will be maximum distances you can cover during a trip, or cycling will only be covered so long as it’s not the “primary activity” of the trip. Some insurers won’t distinguish between a sportive and touring, while others will see the timing on a mass ride reason to categorise it as a race. There are examples of travel insurers listing triathlon as a sport they cover, only to later limit the race distance to a Sprint triathlon. Others will cover triathlon abroad, but only if you purchase an additional ‘extreme sports’ cover.

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Our advice is don’t assume that your travel insurance covers cycling.

Just because ‘cycling’ is on a list of insured activities, that does not necessarily mean that your cycling activity is covered. There may be an additional level of cover needed, or you might need to move your insurance somewhere else entirely. Before you set off for your trip, there are aspects of your travel insurance that need to be checked, and if it isn’t obvious from your documents, you should give your insurer a call and ask:

  • Are you covered when cycling is the primary purpose of your trip?
  • How are sportives classified? Are they a ride or a race?
  • If racing, are there maximum distances or durations?
  • Does the insurer separate types of cycling, and is your chosen style one that’s covered?
  • Do they expect you to purchase an ‘add on’ for riding, on top of the policy you already have?

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We aren’t into the ‘hard sell’ at Yellow Jersey, we just want you to double check that your travel insurance is up to scratch. If you have double checked and have the cover you need, there is no reason to swap. But if you don’t have the appropriate cover, or if you just can’t face the hassle of finding out, we have a cycle travel insurance product designed to take out the stress.

Working with our Partners at the British Triathlon Federation and a good sample of our bicycle insurance customers, we have designed a cycle travel insurance product which covers emergency medical care and repatriation during all forms of riding  and racing while abroad. Be it a morning’s escape on a family holiday, the Ironman world championships or a weeks shredding in Morzine, we have you covered.

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