Testosterone, Mid-Race Mechanicals, Dirty Kanza and More – Ask a Cycling a Coach 191

by Bicycle NewsDecember 27, 20180 comments

We’re answering more of your coaching questions on Episode 191 of the Ask a Coach Podcast! Join us live as we discuss ’s effect on , mid-race mechanical strategies, Dirty Kanza training, rapid fire questions for Coach Chad and much more!

More show notes and discussion in the TrainerRoad Forum.

Topics covered in this episode

  • Rapid fire questions for Coach Chad
  • How Coach Chad comes up with the in
  • Coach Chad’s process for creating workouts
  • Our bike choices for 24 HOP
  • Coach Chad’s favorite
  • for common mid-race
  • How to train for Dirty Kanza
  • Adjusting your for night-shifts
  • What happens to your during a rest week
  • Testosterone’s effect on performance
  • What to do if you are racing a doper

Links Mentioned in this episode

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