Mark V Ultra Travel Bike

What I respect most about the Mark V Ultra travel bike is he debuted it at beauty pageant for gravel.

Davidson makes those too.

A7R00018 - Mark V Ultra Travel Bike
Mark V Ultra

This one is for traveling. It’s built up with rim brakes and S&S couplings. The bike has purple/violet bits from Chris King, Paul Components, Phil Wood, and Cane Creek. By some improbable chance, all are the same hue of purple. Mark described the Ultra like

Titanium Davidson road bike with S&S couplings, SRAM eTap, custom titanium anodizing, and plenty of purple parts from Chris King, eeBrakes, Phil Wood, and Paul Components.

The downtube logo is a reproduction of a 1970s-era Davidson graphic. Additionally, I now want my bikes do have anodized graphics too. The rest of the photos on Instagram and Facebook. What you need to know about Mark’s bikes, the always have a sticker on them. As he told me

A sticker of the character Lum from Urusei Yatsura. It’s a tradition for me dating back to the mid-1990s.

In manga lore, she’s a magical girlfriend. For Mark, that’s what a bike should be. My travel bike is the Modal. All in all, bikes built for everything. While I appreciate it’s capabilities, I also remember the times I ran it as single speed with rim brakes for fast setup at the destination. Consider that, see this bike from the archives.

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